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Compression plugs

Schwalm compression plugs
Reliable closure of open blind connectors

Open connectors and pipes which lead to nothing can be sealed off securely with a compression plug. The installation of compression plugs into connection pipes DN 100 to DN 200 is possible in a main pipe from DN 200. The assembly is carried out with the robots Talpa FSR 1330 and 2060. Once placed, compression plugs can be removed again using remote controls.

The compression plug and its application

Pipe formats:

  • Connection pipes: DN 100 to DN 200

Assembly and disassembly:

  • Sewer rehab robot Talpa FSR 1330
  • Sewer rehab robot Talpa FSR 2060
  • Manual assembly in accessible sewers
  • Function: Expansion plugs
  • Execution by trained, skilled personnel



When planning and developing areas with new homes, many communities proactively integrate junctions and molded parts into the sewer networks so that these are equipped for future expansions. However, these junctions are often not used at all.
Open faulty connections or blind connections do not meet the guideline requirements of the German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste (DWA). Today, there is a great need for action in closing these faulty and blind connections.

Schwalm developed a process which can be used to close these faulty and blind connections permanently afterwards. To do this, a compression plug is inserted into the connections by the robots Talpa FSR 1330 or 2060 and braced in one work process.
The closing principle is similar to that of blocking a thermos flask. The process can also be reversed: The Talpa robot then removes the compression plug again if required.