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Status capture / TV inspection

Our sewer system. Over 580,000 kilometers of public sewer network in Germany alone. We record the condition of the sewers to be served using state-of-the-art equipment.


Current sewer databases
Sewer assessment, new construction inspection

Every sewer database is only as good as the up-to-dateness of its inventory data. Today, TV inspections are an important process for visual sewer assessments. Sewer registers and GIS-supported sewer information systems are kept up to date with the collection data obtained. The status is classified according to a status reference catalog. Its results serve to evaluate the condition of the sewer, which in turn forms the basis for awarding priority numbers and the urgency of the need for renovation.

Visual inspection according to DIN EN 13508-2 and DWA-M 149-2

The information obtained is recorded in an examination report. Photographic and video documentation is also added. The execution, specialist knowledge of the personnel, technical equipment and contents of the documentation are defined according to the guidelines of the German Waste Water Association (ATV), the ISYBAU concept and the sewer work guidelines. The sewer is usually examined according to determined inspection intervals.


  • Status capture
  • Warranty test
  • New construction inspection
  • Land inspection
  • Deformation measurement
  • Documentation and digital recording according to DIN EN 13508-2 / DWA-M 149-2
  • Execution by trained, skilled personnel