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About Schwalm Kanalsanierung

Pipeline, sewer, and industrial services

Schwalm Kanalsanierung is a service provider for pipeline, sewer, and industrial services. Three points of focus are addressed here: Sewer cleaning, TV inspection and trenchless partial sewer rehabilitation.

Schwalm, a medium-sized family business, spun off Schwalm Robotic GmbH in 2008. With Schwalm Robotic, Schwalm is deepening its commitment to the manufacture and development of systems for trenchless partial sewer rehabilitation. Schwalm Kanalsanierung continues to be active exclusively as a service company.

The manufacture of our HutlinerPacker® (lateral connection packer) is something special. We are even manufacturing these special devices in the Schwalm Kanalsanierung workshops today. Schwalm Robotic takes on the exclusive distribution of these.

Schwalm Kanalsanierung are based in Bad Hersfeld-Asbach. The owner and managing director is Martin Schwalm, who manages the company today in its third generation. Schwalm Kanalsanierung continues to be based on the company premises at Schulstraße 10. In 2009, Schwalm Robotic procured new premises at Industriestraße 16. Both companies are just a stone’s throw apart.