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Partial rehabilitation

Main pipes and pipe sections
Rehabilitating leaks permanently with partial repair pieces (short liners)

Today, in many cases, trenchless rehabilitation allows us to repair leaking sewers properly from within without tearing up the ground, a road surface or a square. Indirect costs and limitations caused by impairing traffic and harm caused by noise and pollution are significantly reduced or completely circumvented. The costs of rehabilitation measures can thus be significantly reduced.

The fiberglass repair piece is saturated with synthetic resin and pressed into the repair point from the inside using a packer. The packer is positioned by a robot which moves it to the repair point within the pipe. Once the resin has hardened, the short liner and sewer pipe form a permanent bond. In this way, leaks in pipes and sockets can be fixed very effectively. Application scenarios are damage profiles such as tears, fragment formation and leaking sockets. The requirement for partial rehabilitation is the general stability of the sewer section being renovated. From a size of DN 200, the packers have sufficient flow so that they can work during active sewer operations. Today, renovation technologies are globally recognized sewer repair processes.


Proper installation of short liners into

  • Main pipes from DN 100 to DN 800
  • House connection lines


  • Short liners made from fiberglass and synthetic resin

Preparatory and follow-up work

  • High-pressure jet
  • Milling and cleaning
  • TV inspection and final check
  • Execution by trained, skilled personnel

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DIBt approval

For the sewer rehabilitation process designated “HutlinerPacker®” for renovating lateral connections in nominal widths ranging from DN 100 to DN 250, SCHWALM ROBOTIC GmbH was issued the General Building-Authority Approval from the German Institute for Structural Engineering (DIBt).

Download DIBt approval Z-42.3-549



Preparation of a HutlinerPacker® and placement of a hat seal or Hutliner® (lateral connection).
The system handbook is a component of the General Building-Authority Approval. It describes how to use the systems components safely and appropriately and how to handle them for sewer rehabilitation in all phases of operations. It also includes important information on how to operate the HutlinerPackers® safely and appropriately. It applies to all of those who use this system and who were also trained by Schwalm Robotic GmbH in how to use the HutlinerPackers®.

Download HutlinerPacker® system handbook

Mark of Quality in Sewer Construction

Schwalm Kanalsanierung bears the Sewer Construction Mark of Quality.
The quality assurance RAL-GZ 961 applies to the manufacture and maintenance of public and private wastewater pipelines and sewers.