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High-pressure jets

Correct and careful sewer cleaning

Schwalm Kanalsanierung is a qualified professional company for all work relating to sewer cleaning. We use a high-pressure jetting process for this. From a pipe dimension of DN 100, we prefer to use our environmentally-friendly and economical flushing and suction vehicle with continuous water preparation. Our trained specialist personnel guarantee careful preparation for the work and an economical execution of all cleaning tasks on shafts and pipe bodies.

Periodic maintenance cleaning
Regular servicing and removal of blockages

The communal sewer register prescribes cleaning intervals to ensure the continual and flawless function of our sewer networks. Here, particularly after heavy rainfall, suspended solids are deposited at the transitions of the sewer sections with steeper inclines in flat terrain. Sedimentations reduce the outlet cross section and encourage decomposition processes which don't just lead to unpleasant smells, but which also damage pipes permanently due to biogenic sulfuric acid. Periodic maintenance cleaning prevents this damage to the public sewer network.

Self-check regulation and surveying
Sewer cleaning to prepare for TV inspections

With the self-check regulation (EKVO - Eigenkontrollverordnung), an increased need for surveying our sewer and pipe network has arisen. TV inspections generally serve to determine and record damage. For every proper TV inspection, the affected sewer pipe must be cleaned beforehand.


  • High-pressure jetting process
  • Suction and flushing vehicle with continuous water preparation
  • Periodic maintenance cleaning
  • Preparation of TV inspections
  • Execution by trained, skilled personnel