The updated HutlinerPacker® DN 200 with flow-through capacity

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Updated HutlinerPacker® model from January 1, 2020

To start the new year, our customers can look forward to an updated Schwalm HutlinerPacker® model. The DN 200 model with flow-through capacity is being replaced by a new HutlinerPacker® with a sandwich top cover. As the sandwich covers have already been tried and tested on the multi-diameter capability packers from model DN 250 - DN 300, the new model will have a significantly increased service life thanks to the switch to this top cover type. If something does go wrong and needs to be repaired, the replacement effort of the sandwich top cover is considerably less than before, as there is no need for a time-intensive and costly vulcanization. In addition, are forestalling an increasing scarcity in the supply of a few replacement components of the previous model. However, the repair availability of the previous model remains the same for the time being.

Moderate price adjustment
Through long-term supplier contracts and sustainable storage, we have been able to keep our sales prices stable for our customers in the product segments HutlinerPackers®, rubber hats and compression plugs since 2016. Due to increasing procurement and raw material costs, however, as well as for a few replacement parts for the HutlinerPackers®, we must make a moderate price adjustment on January 1, 2020. Orders which reach us by December 31, 2019 shall of course still be calculated at the previously applicable sales price.