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Thank you for your feedback

The website relaunch is well received.

It has been online since mid-September 2019. The new websites of Schwalm Kanalsanierung and Robotic. And many of you have let us know what you think of them. We are very pleased that you have confirmed the user-friendliness and the easy-to-understand structure with its vast information content. The relaunch was well-received by you. But we also appreciated your comments on how to improve it even more.
Sven Rantke, Project Manager: “The processing and care of the digital calling card of a company is a continuous, living process. For you, our customers and users of the website, we are working on this constantly. This is why we would like you to continue to provide feedback in the future, so that we can always become a little bit better. We should always be thinking about the next relaunch.”